What are the Best Storage Solutions for Apartments?

What are the Best Storage Solutions for Apartments?

Have you ever wondered what is the best type of storage solutions apartment complexes can offer their renters? The answer to that depends on the needs of the tenants compared to the dynamics of the apartment complex. How much space is available? Are the units going to be inside protected from the weather, or are they going to be outside in the elements? Whatever works best for the apartment complex will be key in the decision towards what solution to go with.

Over the Car Storage Units

Many apartment complexes love to implement above the hood storage boxes for their tenants. One of the greatest assets that the box units have to offer is that they turn otherwise unused space into 80 cubic feet of storage that is neatly tucked away in the parking area for the vehicles. The stands that the boxes are supported on can be adjusted to over 50 inches high so that they can accommodate larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. Some of the jacked-up trucks with high hoods will have problems fitting in the clearance area but for the most part, the typical vehicle will fit nicely.

As we mentioned, the storage boxes offer 80 cubic feet of storage. The tenants can securely store their extra belongings in a secure, private storage space, and lock them safely behind strong doors.

Secure Storage Bins

Another type of storage solution that apartment owners love is the secure storage bin. You may have seen them in other buildings. They are boxed in storage areas that can be equipped with a roll-up door, or a regular door. They can be custom-designed in order to accommodate smaller places or larger places. In most cases, when you choose to have this kind of storage solution a person from the company that you purchase them from will come to your property and evaluate the entire place. They will be able to see where you can strategically fit storage units throughout your complexes and help you to discover the best possible way to move forward.

You might be surprised to find that you have room for storage bins in places that you never realized were available. 

Never Wire Mesh

Although property owners might believe that they can cut costs and save money by installing wire mesh storage units, this is simply not true. In fact, it costs just about as much money to install wire mesh storage facilities as it does to install secure storage bins. The difference is that the secure storage solutions have much more to offer than wire mesh. Wire mesh storage cages do not provide adequate privacy or security. Anybody can see right inside of the storage spaces and know exactly what is in there. Beyond that, it is easy to break into wire storage units because they are made out of flimsy wire mesh that most wire cutters can cut right through. Not only are they insufficient methods for storage, but they are also ugly and create eyesores. By installing over-the-car storage units, or regular storage bins you can not only save money but end up bringing more money into your monthly income stream.


Ultimately the best storage solution for an apartment complex would be one that will provide the tenants with the privacy and security that they deserve, while at the same time bring in a substantial amount of extra revenue per month. Recent studies revealed that an overwhelming majority of apartment renters would much rather secure, enclosed, on-site storage options than anything else. They also said that they would be willing to pay upwards of $100 extra per month to have a good storage facility available. Do the math. Which kind of storage solution would be best for your complex?

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