Is an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System Worth Your Money?

Is an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System Worth Your Money?

You probably have come across air conditioning systems with high-efficiency ratings while shopping but noticed that their prices are higher than the low efficient ones. Perhaps, you found them awesome but wondering if the extra money you’ll spend on them is worth it.

This article lists what makes energy-efficient air conditioning systems different and why choosing it as your air conditioning replacement system may be worth it.

It is less costly to run. 

If your air conditioning system at home was installed years ago, you probably have to pay a high electric bill every month. Besides, cooling systems tend to be the most power-consuming appliance in a typical home.

But the case with energy-efficient air conditioning systems is different. Energy-efficient cooling systems use more advanced features such as a variable speed compressor. Such a feature uses inverter technology to make the system run efficiently without consuming more power than necessary. That is why high efficient systems tend to be more expensive than their low efficient counterparts. Nevertheless, over time, you will still likely get a return on investment.

So if you’re getting tired of seeing an outrageously high electric bill, consider investing in a highly efficient air conditioning replacement.

Save more with rebates and incentives.

Governments usually encourage people to choose energy-efficient appliances, including air conditioning systems. They may offer money-saving promos. So ask your local HVAC contractor if rebates and incentives are available for you. You may be able to save more money.

It is good for the environment. 

An air conditioning system cools your home but likely heat the world. These cooling systems designed to keep your indoor environment comfortable despite increasing temperature outdoors use a lot of electricity.

The fossil fuel burned to produce such a power source contributes to ozone depletion. Furthermore, cooling systems emit highly potent greenhouse gases, which are bad for the environment.

Energy-efficient air conditioning systems use less energy than their less efficient counterparts. And the less energy is used, the less carbon dioxide will be released into the air. CO2 is a greenhouse gas.

So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, investing and using an energy-efficient air conditioning replacement system can be a good start.

Is Energy-Efficient A/C Worth Your Money?

Generally, an energy-efficient air conditioning system is a great investment. But the answer to whether it’s worth your money or not still depends on your needs.

As you know, your needs are different from the A/C requirements of your neighbors. Some stay at home and run their cooling system constantly, while other homeowners may always be away from home and rarely use the unit. If you’re the latter, you may not be able to make the most of the system.

How to Find an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System?

Ready to get an energy-efficient air conditioning replacement system but don’t know how to find one? That’s quite easy!

Look for air conditioning units that are Energy Star certified. Energy Star is a program run by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), promoting energy efficiency. Energy Star-certified air conditioning systems are guaranteed energy efficient.

Generally, you can tell that an air conditioning unit is energy efficient if it has earned 14 or more Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system is. You can usually find these ratings on an EnergyGuide label on your air conditioning unit.

Some air conditioning system also comes with energy-efficient features such as energy-saving settings and programmable thermostat. So when you shop for an energy-efficient cooling system, you might as well look into the features designed to reduce the system’s energy consumption.

You can also ask an air conditioning replacement expert in your area for help to find the right and most energy-efficient A/C system for your budget and needs. If you’re in Winston-Salem area, you can find reliable and skilled HVAC techs at All About Care Heating & Air.


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